What we offer

We offer a unforgettable experience catching the legendary Ebro Giants.

From our experience we learned that not everyone comes here to enjoy a luxurious, all-inclusive fishing holiday. But many, more experienced, fishermen(women) prefer to simply have a place to stay and the required gear to be provided for them. This is why we now offer multiple packages, so everyone’s needs are met.

Your holiday, our concern.


We purchase our gear from Tom-cat so rest assured, you will be fishing with high-quality gear which wont fail in-action!


Package 1 (Most popular):

This package is for he who wants to come here for a luxurious fishing experience and will have access to a dedicated fishing-guide to assist you catching the Ebro Giants

You will stay in a nice, authentic Spanish hotel where the staff will take care of your needs.


Package 2

This package has been compiled for the more experienced clients who dont require a guide to be present at all times and is simply looking for a good place to stay and fishing-gear to be available.

Your holiday, our concern.

This unforgettable fishing experience is available to you for a very decent price.


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